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Our Story

Innovation and quality are built right into our DNA. After years of prototyping and testing, JAB Dynamics has created what we believe is the highest quality way to move your motorcycle or trike from "point A to point B".

We are here to answer your questions and make sure the next time you need to move your motorcycle or trike you will experience the Atlas Hitch freedom. The freedom from worry about bike lean, the freedom from trailers and trailer licensing, the freedom from worry about how to move a bike that wont start. The freedom of the road that comes from knowing you are on your way.

A Message From Our Founder

We have sold numerous Atlas Hitches to all types of people including law enforcement, lawyers, and law firms with only positive and complimentary comments.


I am the designer and engineer for the Atlas Hitch. I invented the Atlas Hitch for many reasons. One reason is for motorcycle and trike rescue. I also wanted to offer another option to trailering or having a motorcycle or trike towed. Over the years we discovered the Atlas Hitch meant a lot more to people of all ages including people with disabilities, amputees, veterans, and our active duty. We also wanted it to be easy for a woman to use. Some people just do not have room to store a trailer, or they live in an apartment. It is important to our active duty because the military will ship the Atlas Hitch as home goods.


As I age, my balance is becoming an issue and riding long distances is painful. Using a trailer to load or unload a bike requires help from a couple of friends. The Atlas Hitch is designed to load and unload on the ground with the engine off so when my bike won’t start, or I want to have it serviced I can push it in the Atlas Hitch and deliver it to my mechanic by myself and drive home.


I want to give our followers a little history of how the Atlas Hitch came about.

I retired after a long career and looked forward to riding my motorcycle. One day about 100 miles from my house it happened, I broke down way out in rural country. I called my wife and asked her to go out in the field and get the trailer. She said the same thing most women would say. “I do not do trailer” I had to call a tow company to have it towed home for $500 and it took all day. My engineering mind immediately went to ways to invent something my wife could handle and save me the next time I break down. My first attempt was to trap the handlebars just like you can still find on the internet. When you trap the handlebars and compress the front shocks that causes many issues. It first causes a bike to lean severely on a corner dragging the pipes or saddle bags on the ground. It can also cause fork seals to fail, fork bearing failure, and twisting the forks out of alignment. When I tried this, it causes all three. It took three years and 6 prototypes to perfect the Atlas Hitch. We put 10,000 miles on it before we released it to the public. We have now road tested the Atlas Hitch for over 100,000 miles.


Our customers have helped us make improvements over the years. The newest Mercury Model is for 1 motorcycle or 1 trike. The Eclipse Model is for 1 motorcycle, or 1 trike, and the Indian long (or dress) fender. The Eclipse also handles our 2-motorcycle option (even 3 for dirt bikes). This year we are introducing the Strapless Wheel Chock for trailers. Yes, I said “no straps”. Let the shocks work like they are designed to do. Because this is a tire with air in it, we provide 2 safety straps for the rare case a tire loses air. But no other strap is required.


I would like to address a few questions that people continue to ask:


Tire wear

We have two motorcycles that have over 100,000 miles on the rear tire being hauled in the Atlas Hitch. This is simply because there is no one sitting in the seat, braking or throttling, so there is no torque on the tire which is what actually wears out a tire.



We have talked to all the major motorcycle manufacturers, and they said the following. Anything manufactured after 1973 and over 400cc has the drive gear in an oil bath. We decided to prove this to ourselves. We took 6 different motorcycles of all manufacturers and models and put over 100,000 miles in testing with no issues.

Can the Transmission go into gear if you hit a chuckhole?

We did talk to all the major manufacturers about this, and they stated a motorcycle will not suddenly go into gear if you hit a chuck hole (caveat to a bike that is in complete disrepair). But we decided to test this ourselves. We took a bike through the Mojave Desert as fast as possible and hit every dip or chuck hole. The bikes shocks worked perfectly, and it did not jump into gear.


Some motorcycles or trikes have the odometer on the front wheel. If the front wheel is in the cradle, it will not increase the milage. If you put the bike backwards it will not roll back the mileage either. Some bikes or trikes have odometers in the transmission. When it is in Neutral it will not increase the mileage.


Motorcycle sway

Before we released the Atlas Hitch, we tested several models at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour. They all followed straight as an arrow behind the vehicle. We even dynamited the brakes on our tow rig (my personal truck that you see at the shows) at 60 mph and all the bikes stayed right behind the vehicle. We did the same test with the 2-motorcycle option with the same results.


Motorcycle hopping or bounce.

The patented cable securement system puts just enough tension on the bike to keep it from hopping or bouncing. Again, we have tested this down dusty washboard backroads, and potholed cities, it just doesn’t get out of the tow stream. So, for all the remaining skeptical armchair critics out there, until you have fully tested this product yourself, do not equate this to any of the flimsy online products, we are nothing like them. Please, ask us questions, we actually do love to answer them.

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